One of the perks of being a GSoC student for GNOME is that you get to be invited to the anual GNOME Users And Developers European Conference. Therefore, I had the pleasure of travelling to Karlsruhe, Germany together with other summer students colleagues and have a really amazing week.

Not only I got the opportunity to meet my mentor, Michael Catanzaro, and other people from the community too, but also I got to learn more about the whole GNOME stack and how to use it to its full power. All the presentations and talks that I attended have proven really enlightening!

More than this, Karlsruhe is a beautiful city. I enjoyed all its pubs, restaurants and parks that I had the pleasure to go to, but I was really impressed by the Karlsruhe Zoo and Karlsruhe Palace which are quite amazing places to visit.

I can easily say that this was the best part of the summer. Many thanks to GNOME for its sponsorship and I hope I’ll be able to attend GUADEC next year in Manchester too!



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