This year’s GUADEC came a bit unexpectedly for me. I wasn’t really planning to attend it because of my school and work, but when Iulian suggested that we should go, I didn’t have to think twice and agreed immediately. And I was not disappointed! Travelling to Manchester proved to be a great vacation where I could not only enjoy a few days off but also learn things and meet new and old friends.

Much like last year’s GUADEC, I attended some of the talks during the core days where I got to find out more things about new technologies such as Flatpak, Meson, BuildStream (I’m really looking forward to seeing how this one turns out in the future) etc, and also about the GNOME history and future prospects.

One of this year’s social events was GNOME’s 20th anniversary party held Saturday night at Museum of Science and Industry. I have to thank the organization team for arranging such a great party and taking care of everything. This was definitely the highlight of this year!

As usual, I’m gonna lay a few words about the location that we were in – Manchester. I found Manchester a nice and cozy city, packed with everything: universities, museums, parks, and restaurants of all kinds for all tastes. The weather was not the best that you can get, with all the rainy and sunny sessions that alternate on an hourly basis, but I guess that’s typical for UK. Overall, I think that Manchester is an interesting city where one would not ever get bored.

Thanks again to the GUADEC team and to GNOME for hosting such an awesome event!



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