GSoC 2016: Final report

Picking up where I left in my previous post. Shortly after GUADEC, I managed to implement the sync logic, which proved a bit tricky, but worked out well in the end. Last week I’ve asked my mentor, Michael, to review my code, so for the past few days I’ve worked to fix the things that he suggested through his review comments.

Since my code heavily relies on Mozilla’s protocols (thus it may appear a bit confusing for someone that is not already familiar with it), Michael suggested that I should write some thorough documentation/comments for the important functions, so that will be my next step for the following days.

Hopefully, all of my work will go into master in the next weeks, but only after Iulian is finished with his work on bookmarks, since a relevant part of my code relies on the new bookmarks code.

Currently, the bookmarks are the only items that are synced between different Epiphany instances, therefore, some future tasks would be to sync the other important items too, such as history/password/tabs, but also enhance the current code, since there is always room for improvement.

Google Summer of Code has ended now, and I want to thank GNOME for giving me the chance to be part of the community and do some great work, but also thank Michael and Iulian for supporting me and guiding me through the whole summer. I hope that this is only the beginning of my involvement with GNOME, and that I get the opportunity to work with as many of you in the future! 🙂



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