Safe Browsing in Epiphany

I am pleased to announce that Epiphany users will now benefit from a safe browsing support which is capable to detect and alert users whenever they are visiting a potential malicious website. This feature will be shipped in GNOME 3.28, but those who don’t wish to wait that long can go ahead and build Epiphany from master to benefit from it.

The safe browsing support is enabled by default in Epiphany, but you can always disable it from the preferences dialog by toggling the checkbox under General -> Web Content -> Try to block dangerous websites.

Safe browsing is implemented with the help of Google’s Safe Browsing Update API v4. How this works: the URL’s hash prefix is tested against a local database of unsafe hash prefixes, and if a match is found then the full hash is further requested from the Google Safe Browsing server to be compared to the URL’s full hash. If the full hashes are equal, then the URL is considered unsafe. Of course, all hash prefixes and full hashes are cached for a certain amount of time, in order to minimize the number of requests sent to the server. Needless to say that working only with URL hashes brings a big privacy bonus since Google never knows the actual URLs that clients browse. The whole description of the API can be found here.


4 thoughts on “Safe Browsing in Epiphany”

    1. @Cédric we haven’t really considered PhishTank. We wanted to cover not only phishing threats but also other possible threats such as malware or unwanted software, and Google’s API provides that. Arguably, there’s going to be a significantly lower number of malware threats than phishing threats since we don’t run on Windows, but better to be safe than sorry. Regarding caching, Google’s API includes a local cache of potential/actual threats too, which minimize the interaction with the server. Regarding privacy, Epiphany uses the version of the API that works with URL hashes, and not cleartext URLs, so Google never knows the actual URLs browsed by users.


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